Virginia RV Insurance

For many Americans, the idea of an RV brings to mind the open road, the togetherness of family and the freedom to travel with all the comforts of home. The small luxuries of this "home on the road" can make it easy to forget that an RV is still a vehicle, and, like any vehicle, requires appropriate insurance coverage to be driven. Whether you plan to make regular cross-country trips or simply head to the local campground, Insurance Shopper VA can help you find the right RV insurance for your needs.

In the state of Virginia, the minimum coverage required to operate a motor vehicle of any kind on public roads includes liability coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. According to, liability coverage minimum requirements include "$25,000 for injuries per person per accident," "$50,000 for total injuries per accident," and "$20,000 for property damage per accident." Minimum requirements for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are the same for each category. If you are uncertain whether your RV carries at least this minimum state-required coverage, we encourage you to contact us to make sure that your RV is legal to drive on Virginia roadways.

In addition to required minimum coverage, Insurance Shopper VA can help you find policies that may cover things like collision damage and/or comprehensive damage (covering damage from weather, vandalism, or other non-vehicle-related accidents).

If you live in the Virginia Beach, VA area and own an RV, contact Insurance Shopper VA for assistance in finding just the right RV insurance coverage policy to keep your family safe and secure on the road. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will work with you to determine the kind of coverage you need and the price that best fits your budget.