How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is meant to cover liability disputes that may either drag out in court or ruin a reputation. This is not a policy that covers all of your property and wealth, it’s an additional policy you take out on top of the normal auto, home, and life insurance you may already have. You may be surprised at just how handy it can be for certain individuals, so learn more about how it works. 

Extending Your Limits 

A normal insurance policy in Virginia Beach, VA will have limits when it comes to how much it will cover for liability. But just one lawsuit can eat up those limits quite easily. So if you get into a serious collision, you may be required to either fight the charges or potentially pay for the medical costs if the other party sustained bodily injury. In the case of a chronic injury, you may need to pay the bills for the rest of a person’s life! If your auto insurance policy has bodily injury limits of $500,00, then the umbrella insurance can take care of the rest of the charges.

Umbrella Insurance in Virginia Beach, VA 

Insurance shopper VA offers umbrella insurance to protect everything that you may not want to lose. Whether someone has accused you of a crime or indiscretion that didn’t happen or you’re determined to be at fault in another claim, umbrella insurance is literally there for when the rain really starts to pour. If you have questions about how an umbrella insurance policy can stand between you and financial ruin, give Insurance Shopper, VA a call for more information about how we can help. The best part about umbrella insurance is that it’s usually more affordable than people think, so call us for a quote!