What Is Covered With A Commercial Insurance Policy?

Virginia Beach, VA has always been a popular tourist spot. Fishing is a big draw and the sport requires boats. Boats that take tourists fishing are considered to be a commercial enterprise and require commercial insurance according to the State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A commercial insurance policy provides a wide variety of protection for boat owners, employees, and the tourists who use the boats to enjoy the fishing in Virginia Beach, VA. Insurance Shopper VA has been providing this type of protection for boats and businesses for the last 20 years.

Commercial liability insurance provides protection from damage to property, injury to people, crime, damage caused by repair contractors, some acts of nature, and even acts of terrorism.

Some common circumstances can clarify what can be covered.

A fishing customer who is injured while fishing could sue the owner of the boat for the injuries, pain, and suffering, and lost wages. Commercial insurance covers this cost.

An unscrupulous employee may steal a valuable part of the boat’s equipment that is needed for the boat to operate. Commercial insurance can cover replacement costs for the lost equipment.

You could accidentally ram another vessel. Your commercial insurance policy would pay for damage to your boat and the boat you hit.

A new addition to commercial insurance protects the boat owner from any loss if their boat is used by a person in the commission of an act of terrorism.

The job of Insurance Shopper VA is to work with each individual boat owner to determine exactly the type of coverage that they need. The size of the boat, the number of people taken on any fishing trip, the size of the engines, the number of crew members, and the certifications of all crew members play a part in the determination of the best coverage for each individual.

We spend time with you so that the policy fits you. That means you are protected as completely as possible based on facts and planning.