5 Important Reasons to Get Condo Insurance

As the proud owner of a new condo in Virginia Beach VA, one of your first priorities should be to purchase condo insurance for your individual unit. Condo insurance from Insurance Shopper VA will protect your new home and personal goods against the risk of fire, theft or natural disasters. Here are a few good reasons to consider individual condo insurance on top of your master condo policy.

Personal Goods: Personal property insurance protects your personal goods from theft, vandalism or damage due to an unforeseen catastrophe. If a fire were to ravage your condo, for example, this coverage would help cover replacement costs of such items as clothes, jewelry, furniture, electronics, etc., so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars recouping these goods out of pocket.

Personal Assets: Liability coverage protects you against lawsuits if a guest were to have an accident on your property. It also protects you against lawsuits by other condo owners if you cause damage to their property, either by accident or due to negligence on your part.

Loss of Use: If your condo were to be severely damaged by water or fire, you may need to stay elsewhere while it is being repaired. Loss of use insurance coverage helps cover the cost of renting a hotel room or apartment temporarily while your condo is under repairs.

Protection for Alterations: Major home improvements may not be covered under your Master condo policy. By obtaining alternations and additions coverage, you can protect these investments against any eventuality.

Peace of Mind: Condo insurance will give you peace of mind to enjoy your condo to the full without worrying about theft, loss or damage to your home or personal property. For more information on condo insurance options and costs, contact your Insurance Shopper VA agent in Virginia Beach VA.