Protecting You and Your Home From a Flood

Depending on where you are in Virginia Beach, VA, floods may be a threat to you and your property. Although there are certain times of the year that may provide a greater risk of flooding, there is a potential risk all year round. While you can’t prevent the water from rising, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of damage of the water. Here a  few tips to help protect you and your home from a flood.

Be Prepared

One of the most important things you can do when preparing for the possibility of a flood is to understand the power of water. It could be fast moving, so if you are asked to evacuate-do so. If you choose to remain in your home, go to the highest level in your home and remain there until it is safe. Do as many preparations as possible before there is even a flood risk. For example, build sandbags and store them in a dry area and check your home for areas that have a high risk of water entrance. If a flood alert has been issued, charge all phones and make sure flashlights have fresh batteries.

Backup Data

Computers are used to store a lot of information; from pictures to personal information, so make sure to back-up your data well in advance. There are a variety of different ways to do this, such as a cloud backup service or copying everything onto a USB drive. Remember to keep information, such as passwords a cloud service in a safe location that isn’t at risk of water damage.

While you cannot prevent a flood from happening, you can minimize the damage by being prepared. One of the most important things you can do when preparing for a flood is to have flood insurance. If you do experience flooding, remember to never enter your home until it is safe to do so.

Residents in and around the Virginia Beach VA area interested in learning more information about flood insurance should contact Insurance Shopper, VA.