Types of Commercial Insurance

There is a range of insurance types you need to know about, especially when you are running a business, and one of those types is called commercial insurance. Within commercial insurance, there are various types of insurance, and at Insurance Shopper VA serving the Virginia Beach, VA, we want to keep you informed. Here are some of the most common commercial insurance types. 

Workers’ Compensation

When you have employees, it is essential to have workers’ compensation insurance, which helps if an employee is injured on the job. No matter what type of work your employees do, workers’ compensation insurance is something you need.


Property insurance, as its name implies, covers damage and loss to both personal and real property. A fire that damages property in an office is one instance in which that insurance would be relevant. There are many other examples of times when property insurance is needed. No business can go without this type of commercial insurance.


Liability insurance is just as essential as the other types of commercial insurance. it is designed to help in situations when there are injuries to certain people, such as customers, who are injured while they are on your property.

Numerous other types of commercial insurance exist, including boiler and machinery insurance, builder’s risk insurance, debris removal insurance, inland marine insurance, glass insurance, business interruption insurance, errors, and omission insurance, crime insurance, and malpractice insurance.

Would you like to get more information about commercial insurance or any other type of insurance? Contact us at Insurance Shopper VA serving the Virginia Beach, VA, and we will be glad to help. We can help you decide what insurance you need based on your unique needs.