What Kind of Insurance Covers Dump Trucks?

It’s good to be a business owner in Virginia Beach, VA, but that privilege comes with a bundle of responsibilities. One of those is insuring any vehicles your company owns. If those vehicles include dump trucks, then you may find it difficult to get the right policy. Insurance Shopper VA is here to clarify and help you avoid confusion and wasted time.

Many Names. One Insurance

Different insurance companies will have their own name for the insurance you need on a dump truck. Some will have specific policies that can be customized for a dump truck and carry the name “Dump Truck Insurance.” In plenty of other cases, you might be looking into fleet insurance, industrial vehicle insurance or even simple commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is the umbrella term that usually includes any coverage for a company vehicle.

The Right Coverage

Knowing the name of your insurance policy is only step one. You also need an idea of the coverage necessary to safely operate the vehicles. For dump trucks, there are a few important necessities. The obvious is a liability. Any vehicle that drives needs liability insurance in case someone is harmed during that operation. You will also want physical damage insurance because the vehicles are costly and at high risk for damage. Beyond that, the custom options will depend on how your company operates. You may want to consider motor carrier insurance or independent owner-operator insurance.

Fine-tuning your policy can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. If you want to get the most out of your coverage, you can have a quick chat with your Insurance Shopper VA representative. They’ll help you navigate the sea of options and get the best fit for your business in Virginia Beach, VA.