Which weather related events are covered by home insurance

The weather in Virginia Beach, VA is variable, you have steamy warm summers and cold snowy winters. While not as extreme as other areas of the country, this is an area that definitely has four seasons. If you have questions about your home coverage, Insurance Shopper VA has the answers that you need to make an educated decision. 


Many wind-related weather events are covered by a basic home insurance policy. Generally speaking storm-related wind damage and tornados are covered. Hurricanes may require an additional rider, be sure to read your policy carefully to make sure exactly which type of wind damage is covered.  Keep in mind that you need adequate coverage to replace the items inside your home that could be damaged as the result of wind damage to the exterior. 


As a result of wind damage, water may enter your home and it can cause a lot of damage. It can damage the structure and it can also damage your contents. Water that comes from flooding is not covered with typical home insurance and must be purchased separately. 


Lightening can be very damaging to your home and the resulting fire may even destroy your entire home. Almost every home policy will cover a lightning strike to your home. 

Hail and snow

Hail and snow are weather events that can happen to your home. The damage they cause is covered under your home policy. 


Ice can cause damage to your home and also make you vulnerable to a liability claim is someone slips and falls on your property. Your homeowner’s policy covers these eventualities. 

Weather can be very damaging to your home but if you live in Virginia Beach, VA you can be confident turning to Insurance Shopper VA. Call or stop by to receive your no-obligation quote.