Essential Tips for Easier Management if Your Commercial Fleet

Proper fleet management techniques are an essential part of maintaining the profitability of your business. No matter how many vehicles your Virginia Beach, VA company manages on a daily basis, these tips will help you get the most out of your vehicles, drivers, and work hours.

  • Talk to the agents at Insurance Shopper VA to customize your commercial auto insurance plan. Working with an insurance expert is the best way to ensure your policies contain everything needed to protect your financial investment.
  • Install GPS-capable trackers in the cabin of all company vehicles. These devices can be programmed to track everything from driver behavior to the gallons of gas consumed each day. Advanced systems can be integrated with your office’s desktop software to provide automatic updates to customers’ cellphones or email as well.
  • Switch from paper recording to digital data. Trackers and automated monitors are less prone to manipulation or human entry errors. They also make compiling reports for compliance purposes super simple.
  • Invest in driver training on an ongoing basis. Keep safety and proper procedure at the forefront of your employees’ minds with frequent training. Include discussions on driving etiquette, customer service, safety protocols, and other important issues. Repetition naturally increases compliance.
  • Prioritize and document maintenance meticulously. Smaller companies can outsource their vehicle maintenance program to ensure oil changes, tire rotations, and safety inspections are always on time.
  • Consider the cost of ownership to determine when to replace a vehicle. When the cost of maintenance overshadows the benefit you get, that is the optimal time to look for something new.

A commercial auto insurance policy with Insurance Shopper VA supports the long-term success of your fleet-based Virginia Beach, VA business. Contact us to learn how our policies simplify your management duties.