Do ALL Boats Need Insurance?

In Virginia Beach, VA, you are required to register your vessel and take a boat safety training course, but you are not legally required to carry insurance for your boat. However, going without insurance can be very limiting.

The big issue you’re going to run into here: A lot of marinas in VA will not allow you to dock your boat without insurance.

Going out on the water, it’s unlikely that you’re going to run into anything, and if you do, you probably only have your own losses to worry about, so there’s no law stating that you need to carry liability insurance to pilot a boat. But when you’re docking, the risk goes up by quite a bit, so it stands to reason that marina owners will want you to carry insurance so that if there’s a lawsuit, it doesn’t fall on them.

This, of course, only applies to the kind of boats you’re going to be taking to marinas in the first place. If you’re using a small rubber raft to do a little fishing, you don’t really have much to worry about. You’re probably going to dock that on land, deflate it and tuck it into your car trunk. If you can’t lift your boat with your own two hands, then you need to start thinking about insurance.

If you’re looking for insurance in Virginia Beach, VA for your boat, get in touch with Insurance Shopper VA either through their website or by phone. Insurance might not be a legal requirement to pilot a boat in Virginia, but it’s not a bad idea, and it will allow you to dock at any marina that will have you.