Reasons to Update Your RV Insurance

You probably know that if you remodel or redecorate your home in Virginia Beach, VA, you need to update your insurance. The same is true for your recreational vehicle.

Many people redecorate or remodel their RV to update its look or make it ADA accessible as they age. These changes increase the value of the RV and will not be covered under an existing policy.

While interior design changes are the most common, other upgrades requiring an insurance update include the vehicle’s mechanical equipment such as engine upgrades.

You need to update your coverage because your policy only covers the RV as you purchased it. Without updating, your loss or damage would only cover the current Blue Book value of the vehicle. That can translate to thousands of dollars difference.

How do you know when you need to update? You can always phone Insurance Shopper VA, but here is a quick list of RV upgrades that mean you need to enhance your policy.
–    You install a new floor throughout the RV.
–    You update to smart windows or you have the windows tinted.
–    You update the kitchen appliances.
–    You install solar panels on the roof.
–    You upgrade the bathroom plumbing.
–    You install a more powerful engine.

While you must purchase the state minimum vehicle insurance, these types of updates mean you need to increase the amounts of collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage you have. If you do not already carry these, you should add them to your policy. Comprehensive coverage requires a deductible. Once you pay the deductible, it pays for the rest of the cost to repair your vehicle when it incurs damage from a named peril such as a fire. Collision coverage also requires a deductible, but once you pay it, the insurance pays for the remainder of the repairs to your RV when it gets damaged in a collision with an object or vehicle, such as a deer or another car or a fence.

Contact Insurance Shopper VA of Virginia Beach, VA to discuss the updates you made to your RV. We can help you determine the new level of coverage you need so your investment remains safe.