Will Renter’s Insurance Cover That?

What good is renters insurance?

Turns out, a lot. Renters insurance is an inexpensive safeguard against damages in the residence you are renting. It covers a wide variety of incidents, all sorts of things from water damage to theft. Car break-ins can be covered under the right circumstances. If your residence becomes uninhabitable due to fire or a broken pipe, renters insurance is going to step in and help with unexpected housing costs. Borrow your friends’ record collection and watch as it gets destroyed in the fire? Most plans will have Loss of Use coverage to help with that.  At Insurance Shopper VA, which serves the Virginia Beach, VA area, agents can go over coverage limits and what may and may not be covered.

Does renters insurance cover expensive items?

There are limits on dollar amounts when making claims. Let’s say your house was broken into, and all of your jewelry was stolen. Renters insurance would cover a portion, but if your jewelry is worth tens of thousands of dollars, you probably have it covered separately anyway. If not, you should look into jewelry insurance as well. Basic items like TVs, video game consoles, computers, and other electronics are covered up to a certain amount as well. Check with an agent at Insurance Shopper VA to go over coverage limits and what plans are available for your unique situation.

Should I have renters insurance?

If you rent, renters insurance is a good idea. It will give you peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and covered in the event of a break-in or a fire. If you’re in the Virginia Beach, VA area, stop by Insurance Shopper VA or give them a call to get set up with the right coverage for you today.