Do condo owners in Virginia Beach need condo insurance?

In the Virginia Beach, VA area, it continues to be a good idea to own a home. If you are looking for a property that offers a lot of onsite amenities, good security, and other benefits, getting a condo could be a great option. Even if you do purchase a condo, you do have to spend time getting the right insurance for it. There are a variety of reasons that people in this area need to have condo insurance.

Insurance is an Association Requirement

When you are going to purchase a condo in Virginia, you will likely have to sign a variety of documents that acknowledge the rules of the association. Most of the time, a condo association will require that you carry a certain level of insurance. Associations want owners to have this coverage as it offers some valuable protection that helps both you and the other property owners. If you do not have this insurance coverage in place, you could be penalized with a fine or other punishment. 

Lenders Will Require Condo Insurance Coverage

You will also be required to carry condo insurance by your lender. Mortgage lenders will always look out for their collateral and want to ensure that you get proper insurance coverage for your home. When you take out a new condo insurance policy, the lender may want to approve and review it first. It is also increasingly common for lenders to require escrow payments monthly.

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