Is RV Insurance Required in Virginia?

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are a magnificent way to enjoy traveling in comfort while experiencing breathtaking fun in Virginia Beach, VA, and its environs. However, you need RV insurance to safeguard your camper, travel trailer, and motorhome from perils like theft, collisions, vandalism, and many others. 

 If you are aspiring to buy an RV this summer, it’s imperative to understand what type of insurance you need. But since RVs border between a vehicle and a home, you might be confused about insurance suitable for you. Fortunately, Insurance Shopper VA is here to assist you in choosing proper coverage for your RV. 

Is RV insurance required in Virginia?

RV insurance is not mandatory in Virginia. However, if you are financing the purchase of a motorhome through borrowing, your lender will require you to carry RV insurance before your financing is approved.

RV insurance coverages in Virginia

RV insurance is broad to suit various RV owners’ needs. If you are shopping for RV insurance in Virginia, you are likely to come across the below options:

  • Collision coverage: Reimburses repairs or replacement of your RV if it is damaged in a collision with another vehicle, post, boulder, or guardrail.
  • Comprehensive coverage: It covers losses or damages to your RV that is propagated by non-collision-related threats such as falling objects, fire, theft, hail, and vandalism.
  • Roadside assistance coverage: RVs breakdowns are part of the ownership journey. And to be fair, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, when you have this add-on on your RV insurance, you get services like towing, puncture repair and other roadside support services. 
  • Contents insurance: Your RV is probably packed with personal valuables such as clothing, appliances, and electronics. This coverage compensates you if your RV is burglarized or if covered perils damage the assets inside your RV.

Are you looking for RV insurance in Virginia Beach, VA? Please contact Insurance Shopper VA. Our professionals will help you design the strongest shield possible to aid you in safeguarding the property you are working hard to build.