Reason why you may need more liability coverage

Peace of mind is what homeowners expect from their home insurance. It offers a variety of types of protection that cover the structure, the contents, and also your assets. Liability coverage is something that isn’t static and you may need to reconsider the amount that you have. At Insurance Shopper VA in Virginia Beach, VA, we are an independent insurance agency that has been helping locals with their insurance needs for more than 20 years. 

Liability coverage protects your assets from legal actions that can be taken against you. It also pays when someone is injured while visiting your home or by a member of your family, even a furry one, away from home. Suing has become all too common and your chances of being sued at some point are pretty high. Some things are particularly risky when it comes to being sued and if they are something that might affect you, increasing your liability coverage may be warranted. 

Swimming pool

Swimming pools are great for entertaining and also for enjoying on a hot day. They do, however, increase your liability risk. If someone is injured or drowns in your pool, even if they were not invited by you to use your pool, you could be sued and your assets placed at risk.


Trampolines offer a great way to enjoy exercise for adults and children.  They also offer a lot of temptation to people who may want to use them without your permission. 


A dog may be a man’s best friend, but they are also a liability risk. Some dogs are considered so much of a risk that your home insurance may not cover them. Be sure to check with your agent if you add a dog to your family. 

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