Why You Need Dump Truck Insurance

Hauling items with a dump truck comes with a number of potential risks. These machines are highly expensive, and they need to be covered with dump truck insurance. The type of insurance that you need to get depends on a lot of factors. When you need dump truck insurance, give us a call today at Insurance Shopper VA in Virginia Beach, VA to find out more. 

Locally or Over the Road

The insurance that you need if you drive locally is far different from driving over the road. Over-the-road hauling tends to come with a number of risks that need to be covered by insurance. Make sure that the dump truck is covered by both liability insurance and by physical damage insurance so that you aren’t stuck with enormous repair bills after a collision or other type of accident. 

Coverages for Dump Trucks

When a motor carrier leases to an aggregate hauler, the motor carrier will likely provide the necessary liability insurance that is needed while you are working. This pays for damage done to other property and injuries to others that happen because of the dump truck. However, many times you will need to get physical damage insurance on your own which covers damage done to the dump truck itself. If you are your own motor carrier working for yourself, you will have to get all of the insurance types needed on your own. This can also include insurance for when you are driving the truck off the time clock. 

Protect Yourself With Insurance

Having an accident with a dump truck can be extremely costly, and no one wants to have to foot the bills for medical costs and property damage. Make sure that you always have the truck covered with the needed insurance coverage. Call us at Insurance Shopper VA in Virginia Beach, VA  to get started.