Virginia Condo Insurance – Are Items Inside The Condominium Covered Under Condo Insurance?

Traditionally, condominiums used to be the status quo of the retirement community.  These days, more and more younger adults are now making the switch over to condominiums and it’s easy to see why.  In comparison to apartments and lower-tiers of housing, condos bring a higher sense of status within the community.  There are nicer accouterments and membership in an HOA which were usually only reserved for gated communities or high-tiered neighborhoods.  For those looking into getting a condo, Insurance Shopper VA in Virginia Beach, VA can answer all of your insurance questions.

Condo Insurance

If you owned a home, you would purchase homeowners insurance, right?  The same can be said for condominium owners as there are plenty of condo insurance options available.  There are natural questions to ask such as:  Isn’t the building covered under the property management’s commercial insurance?  How does condo insurance differ from homeowners insurance?  What about liability damage?  Are my items inside my condo covered under condo insurance?  These are all pertinent questions that you would normally consider when looking to get condo insurance.

Your Items, Your Condo

When it comes to your items inside your condominium, they are covered under your condo insurance policy as it would be under a normal homeowners insurance policy.  The only sticking point would be if you made additions or alterations to your condo, then you would have to get permission from the HOA (Homeowners Association) to make those changes.  The HOA would then advise as to what’s covered under your policy and what’s covered under the property management’s policy.

Further Information

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