5 Benefits of Condo Insurance

Many locations in Virginia are increasingly becoming urban. This upsurge has led to many residents of Virginia Beach, VA, resulting in owning condos to get the convenience of living near urban centers. While owning a condo is great, you need condo insurance from Insurance Shopper VA to protect your investment. Yes, we know that you contribute towards the condo owners association (COA) policy, but this insurance plan is restricted to the areas outside your condo. 

Having second thoughts about condo insurance? Consider the below benefits to persuade your decision.

Liability protection

If accidents happen inside your condo, you could be held responsible for injuries that occur to visitors. Besides, if you, your family, or your pet cause property damage to third parties, condo insurance bails you.

Asset protection

What are the assets inside your condo? Suppose a fire consumes your electronics, jewelry, clothing, and furniture. It would be a massive blow, right? Thankfully, if you have condo insurance, it can compensate if you lose your assets because of a covered peril.

Loss of use

If a risk listed in your policy makes your condo unlivable, you will have to incur additional expenses like hotel food, accommodation, and laundry until your dwelling becomes livable. Thankfully, if you have condo insurance, you don’t have to worry about additional living expenses.

Protects the interior

The COA policy protects the exterior of your building, but for the inside, it’s the responsibility of the owner. Condo insurance covers damage to the interior’s drywall, fixtures, and fittings, lessening your financial burden.

Peace of mind

Condo insurance makes your life easy by ensuring that you don’t spend sleepless nights wondering what could go wrong with your investment. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your condo is safe and protected.

Invest in condo insurance today!

Ready to protect your Virginia Beach, VA condo with condo insurance? Don’t hesitate to contact Insurance Shopper VA for an affordable quote.