Common Boat Insurance Exclusions

Your boat insurance always comes to your rescue in time of need, but this may not be the case sometimes. Like most insurance coverages, your boat insurance doesn’t protect you against all risks. Knowing what boat insurance covers is critical, but so is understanding boat insurance exclusions. Insurance Shopper VA of Virginia Beach, VA is here to have a rundown of common risks not covered by boat insurance. Let’s dive in.


Your boat spends most of the time in the water, so mold damage is never far from you. Unfortunately, mold damage isn’t covered by boat insurance. However, you can mitigate the mold threat by ensuring your boat is dry before storage.

Pest damage

Like mold damage, your insurer will ignore any claims you make to seek repairs after a pest infestation. That said, you must take care of your boat, and this includes considering periodic extermination services to keep pests away from your vessel.

Wear and tear

If you want to extend the life of your boat, maintenance has to be part of the equation. Yes, boating is fun, but you have to return the favor by taking optimal care of your vessel. If something happens because of your neglect, not even your insurer will help you.

Intentional damage

This is easy — don’t intentionally cause damage to your boat and then run to your insurance for compensation. Worse yet, if the insurer establishes you caused intentional damage to defraud them, you may be in deeper trouble.

Mechanical breakdowns

Most boat insurance policies won’t cover mechanical breakdowns. So, read the fine print to establish when boat insurance won’t bail you out.

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