Are Pets Covered By Home Insurance?

Virginia Beach, VA residents trust Insurance Shopper VA to provide them with the straight scoop on their home insurance. That’s why we’re here to discuss whether or not pets are covered by your home insurance policy. This is a question we field a lot and is one without a real positive answer.

Home Insurance Does Not Cover Pet Damage

First of all, your home insurance will not cover damage caused by your pet. That’s because most policies operate under what is known as acceptable risks. When you own a pet such as a dog or a cat, you operate under the assumption that they may cause damage to your home. This means that the insurance company owes you no money for this damage.

The only kind of pet damage that is covered by insurance is damage to another person’s property. However, that is not included under a basic home insurance policy but requires liability coverage. This means that your insurance company will help pay or completely pay for damage that your dog does to a neighbor or friend’s property.

It Also Doesn’t Cover Injuries To Your Dog

What about if your poor pup gets injured or sick at home? Does your insurance cover that? No, and it also doesn’t cover any types of injuries that you suffer. Home insurance is focused on protecting your home and the items inside of it, not the living creatures. Health insurance is necessary if you want to get help paying for medical coverage.

However, you can also get pet insurance to help pay for their pet bills. For those who own a lot of pets or ones that are old and regularly sick, this can be a significant financial benefit. There are currently many types of insurance like this available across the nation, though coverage will vary depending on the state and the company.

So if you live in Virginia Beach, VA and need any of these insurance policies, please contact us at Insurance Shopper VA. We can provide you with the Virginia-centered insurance you need to protect your home, your health, and your family.