Essential Tips for Easier Management if Your Commercial Fleet

Proper fleet management techniques are an essential part of maintaining the profitability of your business. No matter how many vehicles your Virginia Beach, VA company manages on a daily basis, these tips will help you get the most out of your vehicles, drivers, and work hours.

  • Talk to the agents at Insurance Shopper VA to customize your commercial auto insurance plan. Working with an insurance expert is the best way to ensure your policies contain everything needed to protect your financial investment.
  • Install GPS-capable trackers in the cabin of all company vehicles. These devices can be programmed to track everything from driver behavior to the gallons of gas consumed each day. Advanced systems can be integrated with your office’s desktop software to provide automatic updates to customers’ cellphones or email as well.
  • Switch from paper recording to digital data. Trackers and automated monitors are less prone to manipulation or human entry errors. They also make compiling reports for compliance purposes super simple.
  • Invest in driver training on an ongoing basis. Keep safety and proper procedure at the forefront of your employees’ minds with frequent training. Include discussions on driving etiquette, customer service, safety protocols, and other important issues. Repetition naturally increases compliance.
  • Prioritize and document maintenance meticulously. Smaller companies can outsource their vehicle maintenance program to ensure oil changes, tire rotations, and safety inspections are always on time.
  • Consider the cost of ownership to determine when to replace a vehicle. When the cost of maintenance overshadows the benefit you get, that is the optimal time to look for something new.

A commercial auto insurance policy with Insurance Shopper VA supports the long-term success of your fleet-based Virginia Beach, VA business. Contact us to learn how our policies simplify your management duties.

Types of Renters Insurance

Moving to a new rental property is an exciting journey that everyone in Virginia will experience at least once. From moving trucks to donating old clothes, there is a myriad of important steps to take before stepping into the property for the first time. One of these steps includes finding a reliable renters’ insurance policy to protect your personal property.

Renters insurance is a form of coverage that protects you in the event of the damage or loss of property. This liability is not on your landlord, who has already purchased a form of insurance to protect his building or rented room. Should your personal property be lost, damaged, or stolen, there is little you can do to recoup your losses without a strong renters’ insurance plan. In fact, some Virginia Beach, VA landlords may require tenants to carry a renters’ insurance policy before signing a lease.

There are several important types of renters insurance to be familiar with while looking for a policy.

  • Actual Cash Value: This protects the depreciated value of your property after it is lost.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage: Protects the full cost of your property once it is lost.
  • Loss of Use Coverage: Helps with additional living expenses after a disaster or loss of property.
  • Medical Payments to Others: Covers the expenses of those injured in your home.

To learn more about the types of renters’ coverage available to you, reach out to the knowledgeable professionals at Insurance Shopper VA, your east coast experts on renters insurance and beyond. Serving the tenants of Virginia Beach VA for years with an unmatched degree of experienced and reliable service, call Insurance Shopper, VA today to get in contact with a professional agent and learn more about how we can best serve your insurance needs.

Look Into Your Comprehensive RV Insurance Offerings

The amount of people with RVs on the road has increased significantly in recent times. Making sure your RV is adequately covered with insurance is important for your safety and well being. There are several different kinds of insurance available from liability to full coverage. Simple liability that covers when you are at fault in an accident. A collision can help when you are in an accident regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive which covers incidents that are beyond your control. Find out more through Insurance Shopper VA, serving Virginia Beach, VA. 

What does comprehensive insurance cover?

Having basic liability is required in many states. To get a broader coverage, comprehensive insurance is one of the options. While liability can cover costs when you are at fault in an accident, comprehensive can cover other types of events. Vandalism, fire, theft and weather related incidents are some of the events that may be covered by comprehensive. These are things that can happen outside of a collision accident and can be a good way to make sure you are protected no matter what happens.

Is comprehensive insurance required?

Some insurances may be optional and this depends on where exactly you live. An agent can inform you of particular state laws. Comprehensive is something that is optional, but there are some instances where this type of insurance may be a requirement. Depending on whether your RV is financed or rented, you may need comprehensive coverage. An agent can help you find out what requirements you may or may not have in your individual situation.

If you own an RV of any kind and you need insurance coverage, stop in or give Insurance Shopper VA serving the greater Virginia Beach, VA  area a call. Agents can help you with all your RV insurance needs.

3 Tips for Buying Motorcycle Insurance in Virginia Beach, VA

The open road, the wind in your face – there’s nothing better than jumping on your bike and hitting the road in Virginia Beach, VA. However, before you get too far, you need to make sure you have the proper protection. Not only is insurance necessary for the protection of you and your bike, but, it’s also the law.

If you are ready to purchase motorcycle insurance, be sure to contact the team at Insurance Shopper VA. You can also use the tips here to ensure you get adequate coverage for an affordable price.

1. Compare Quotes

One of the first things you need to do when purchasing motorcycle insurance is to compare quotes. You can easily get quotes from several insurance providers – it is a quick and easy process. By comparing quotes, you can also find the policy that offers the most value.

2. Bundle Policies

The next step in the process of buying motorcycle insurance is to consider bundling the polices. Talk to your existing insurer that carries your home or auto insurance about helping you get coverage for your motorcycle, too. When you do this, the majority of insurance companies are going to provide their customers with a significant discount.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

The best way to ensure you get a good deal on the motorcycle insurance you need is to work with a reputable agent. Take some time to find someone who is familiar with the laws in the state and who will be able to help you get great coverage for a great price.

If you are ready to purchase motorcycle insurance in Virginia Beach, VA, be sure to contact the team at Insurance Shopper VA who serves this area. They can help ensure you get the right policy for your needs.


Why You Should Have Boat Insurance

While boat insurance isn’t required in Virginia Beach, VA, there are a number of reasons to have it. Even if the state doesn’t require it, if you are financing your boat it may be required through the terms of your finance agreement. Marinas and other boating events may require you to have it. While home insurance may provide some protection for your boat, it likely won’t be enough coverage if insurance is required.

Litigation: Lawsuits are common in our culture and you could be sued for just about anything. For example, if you take your friend out on your boat and there is a large wave that causes your friend to slam down hard on the seat, they could be injured. While at first he or she may say that they aren’t injured, if they are then you can be held responsible for medical payments, time off work, and damages for pain and suffering. Boat insurance can help you with the costs to defend yourself and pay for any damages you owe.

Investment Protection: Without proper insurance coverage, you could be at risk of losing your investment to an accident or another effect. A strong storm can sink a boat, while a fire on a boat nearby can burn your boat and damage it. The more expensive your boat is, the more likely you will want to have boat insurance.

When choosing a policy, there are a few things you should consider. If your boat isn’t worth that much and you just want the liability coverage, you can get a liability only policy. However, if you are trying to protect your investment, you will want an all-risk policy that will cover a number of perils. An agent at Insurance Shopper VA can help you determine the right policy for your needs.

Contact Insurance Shopper VA, serving Virginia Beach, VA, to get a quote on boat insurance.

Umbrella Insurance for Apartment Complexes

Owners of apartment complexes in Virginia Beach, VA may run into issues with their facility from time to time. Thankfully, high-quality umbrella insurance options from us at Insurance Shopper VA can provide detailed and high-quality protection against these problems when other policies reach their limits.

Events That May Cause Complications in an Apartment

Apartment owners often experience a multitude of issues that can complicate the operation of their business. For example, fires, storms, and electrical shorts may damage significant portions of their complex. These issues can cost the owner a lot of money to repair without insurance.

However, liability issues are perhaps the biggest potential problem for a landlord. For example, an apartment owner may be sued by a disgruntled renter for a multitude of reasons, including poor management of situations in which the renter can no longer live in their apartment, such as damage to the building. In this situation, umbrella insurance is necessary to ensure maximum protection.

How Umbrella Insurance Helps

Umbrella insurance helps protect against these problems by providing an extra level of liability coverage for apartment owners. So if a complex owner’s normal landlord policy doesn’t cover an injury or reaches its limitation, these policy options provide extra payment.

For example, if a renter sues a landlord for providing inadequate repair during the cold winter months, umbrella insurance will help pay for lawsuits. Some might even pay for the repairs themselves, though only if the liability of the landlord is involved in these repair issues.

Finding an Option

Anyone who owns an apartment complex in Virginia Beach, VA owes it to themselves to talk to us at Insurance Shopper VA to get help finding an umbrella insurance policy. These options provide an excellent level of extra protection that keeps apartment owners safe from financial loss.

What happens if I don’t have flood insurance?

If you own a home in the Virginia Beach, VA area, it is very important that you have proper insurance coverage in place. One of the best forms of insurance that you need to have in this area is flood insurance. When you have flood insurance, it will provide you with valuable protection against the significant damage that can be caused by a flood. However, if you do not have flood insurance, a variety of issues could arise. 

No Coverage for Damage

If you are in the Virginia Beach, VA area and do not have a flood insurance policy in place, will likely not have coverage for damage that occurs to your home. Due to its proximity to the ocean and higher-risk flood designation, those that are in Virginia Beach likely will not have any flood coverage from their base home insurance policy. Without a flood insurance policy, you may not receive reimbursement for this damage. 

Ensures Loan Compliance

If you live in a high-risk zone, there is a good chance that you will need to have flood insurance in place. This is especially true if you have a loan that is guaranteed by the FHA. In these situations, there are plenty of specific requirements that need to be met. If you do not have the right flood insurance policy in place at all times, you could be in violation of your loan agreement. 

When you are shopping for flood insurance, a great place to start your search is at Insurance Shopper VA. When you purchase insurance from Insurance Shopper, VA you will get the support you need to get the right flood insurance policy. This will help to ensure that you get the right coverage and stay in compliance with all of your loan agreements. 

Differences Between Condo and Home Insurance

Have you recently purchased a condo or plan to in the near future? If so, you will need to consider the benefits of purchasing condo insurance over homeowners insurance. Although condo insurance is not required in the state of Virginia, a condo policy for condo owners can protect their personal property and liability during any unforeseen accidents. Insurance Shopper VA offers both policies to condo owners in or around the Virginia Beach, VA area. 

What is the structure coverage?

When purchasing condo insurance, coverage of exterior damage is not required. In most cases of condo ownership, the Homeowners Association (HOA) insurance of the building is responsible for exterior coverage in most cases, Since condo owners are only responsible for the interior, condo insurance covers exactly what you need as an owner. Home insurance has a focus on the structure as a whole, including the exterior that your purchase does not include. When you purchase your condo, review the terms of the HOA insurance policy, if one exists, to determine what their coverage is on the building structure.

What is the security of my personal belongings?

Like the limited structure coverage through the HOA insurance, personal belongings are not commonly affiliated with the policy. With condo insurance, this is critical, as this policy insurance your personal property allowing your security and peace of mind during accidental damages or theft of your property. Home insurance policies also have personal property coverage in their policies. For each condo and home insurance policies, it is important that you inventory all of your belongings when developing your policy.

Liability Differences

Since condo owners only own the square footage inside their condo, the liability that they are responsible for includes any accidents that occur within those walls. Condo owners are not responsible for the property surrounding the condo. Homeowner insurance covers not only the dwelling of the owner but the residential property surrounding the structure. 

Contact Us Today! 

If you are looking for a quality condo insurance policy in the Virginia Beach, VA or surrounding areas, contact Insurance Shopper VA. One of our agents is ready to assist you with your policy today. 

What Kind of Insurance Covers Dump Trucks?

It’s good to be a business owner in Virginia Beach, VA, but that privilege comes with a bundle of responsibilities. One of those is insuring any vehicles your company owns. If those vehicles include dump trucks, then you may find it difficult to get the right policy. Insurance Shopper VA is here to clarify and help you avoid confusion and wasted time.

Many Names. One Insurance

Different insurance companies will have their own name for the insurance you need on a dump truck. Some will have specific policies that can be customized for a dump truck and carry the name “Dump Truck Insurance.” In plenty of other cases, you might be looking into fleet insurance, industrial vehicle insurance or even simple commercial insurance. Commercial insurance is the umbrella term that usually includes any coverage for a company vehicle.

The Right Coverage

Knowing the name of your insurance policy is only step one. You also need an idea of the coverage necessary to safely operate the vehicles. For dump trucks, there are a few important necessities. The obvious is a liability. Any vehicle that drives needs liability insurance in case someone is harmed during that operation. You will also want physical damage insurance because the vehicles are costly and at high risk for damage. Beyond that, the custom options will depend on how your company operates. You may want to consider motor carrier insurance or independent owner-operator insurance.

Fine-tuning your policy can get pretty complicated pretty quickly. If you want to get the most out of your coverage, you can have a quick chat with your Insurance Shopper VA representative. They’ll help you navigate the sea of options and get the best fit for your business in Virginia Beach, VA.


Types of Commercial Insurance

There is a range of insurance types you need to know about, especially when you are running a business, and one of those types is called commercial insurance. Within commercial insurance, there are various types of insurance, and at Insurance Shopper VA serving the Virginia Beach, VA, we want to keep you informed. Here are some of the most common commercial insurance types. 

Workers’ Compensation

When you have employees, it is essential to have workers’ compensation insurance, which helps if an employee is injured on the job. No matter what type of work your employees do, workers’ compensation insurance is something you need.


Property insurance, as its name implies, covers damage and loss to both personal and real property. A fire that damages property in an office is one instance in which that insurance would be relevant. There are many other examples of times when property insurance is needed. No business can go without this type of commercial insurance.


Liability insurance is just as essential as the other types of commercial insurance. it is designed to help in situations when there are injuries to certain people, such as customers, who are injured while they are on your property.

Numerous other types of commercial insurance exist, including boiler and machinery insurance, builder’s risk insurance, debris removal insurance, inland marine insurance, glass insurance, business interruption insurance, errors, and omission insurance, crime insurance, and malpractice insurance.

Would you like to get more information about commercial insurance or any other type of insurance? Contact us at Insurance Shopper VA serving the Virginia Beach, VA, and we will be glad to help. We can help you decide what insurance you need based on your unique needs.