I’m Lending My RV To A Friend. Do I Need To Get Them Insurance?

If your friend does not have RV insurance, you might need to get insurance for guests. The rental agreement and your relationship with the person influence everything. Most RV insurance providers will not cover a non-family member if the rental agreement does not include liability coverage. You should check with your provider. 

RV rental companies usually have a policy that covers the rental of their vehicles. However, if a friend or family member wants to borrow your RV and doesn’t have a policy, you must ensure you’re covered. For questions, consult Insurance Shopper VA, the firm based in Virginia Beach, VA. 

The Need for an RV Insurance 

Insurance is required if you lease the RV or lend it to a non-family member. Most RV insurance policies will not cover a non-owner, so make sure your friend has their own insurance. What if I don’t have a license? Unfortunately, you cannot get an RV driver’s license in every state. Eight states do not have this license. That said, you can still drive an RV if you have a regular driver’s license. You have to take an additional driving course. What if I don’t have a license and don’t want one? You can still rent RVs, but you must have a licensed driver on your insurance. 

RV owners lending their vehicles out to a friend or family member need to ensure that the person driving it has their insurance policy. If an accident occurred and the RV was not insured, the owner would likely be liable for damages or injuries. In addition to getting your RV insured, you may consider having it inspected before lending it out. An inspection can help identify any maintenance issues that need to be addressed before the RV is put into service. 


You will need RV rental insurance if your RV is not in your possession. The amount of coverage you purchase will depend on the value of your RV. RV rental insurance comes with a high deductible, so keeping your insured with a standard policy while it’s in someone else’s possession is essential. If based in Virginia Beach, VA, contact Insurance Shopper VA.